Classic Myers iv vitamin Drip – Bentonville, Ar

Classic Myers  |  $129

This is the drip that started it all!!! Just the right mix of vitamins and minerals to avoid cold and flu, reduce fibromyalgia pain or chronic fatigue while maintaining overall wellness to keep your body in balance.

 Migraine IV Drip – Bentonville, AR

Migraine  |  $129

Is a migraine completely taking over your day? This vitamin drip will target pain, calm nerves and balance your mood. 

 Hangover iv vitamin Drip – Bentonville, Ar

Hangover  | $129

Have a little too much fun last night? Come see us for a quick recovery! This drip rehydrates and replenishes your body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to get you back to your old self in no time.  

 Performance IV Drip – Bentonville, AR

Performance  |  $99

This drip is a must from weekend warriors to serious athletes. Great for pre and post workouts to keep your body at optimum performance with vitamins and electrolytes to fuel, hydrate and speed up recovery. 

 Immunity iv vitamin Drip – Bentonville, Ar

Immunity  |  $129

Need to beat a cold? Avoid the doctor’s office. This drip is the perfect solution! Cleanse your body with the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to strengthen the immune system,  and increase energy. 

 Weight loss iv Drip – bentonville, ar

Weight Loss  |  $99

Want to keep weight off or shed those extra pounds? Add this drip to your weight loss regimen to regulate appetite, burn fat, boost metabolism and increase your energy. 



Vitamin D  |  $20
Aids in nutrient and vitamin absorption

Vitamin B12  |  $20
Boosts energy, mood and focus

Glutathione  |  $20
Antioxidant increases energy, and aids in athletic recovery

Mic + B6  |  $20
 Increase energy, promoting weight loss and build lean muscle

Vitamin C  |  $20
Immune system support