National Blood Donor Awareness Month – Saving $20
Blood Type with RH Factor: $19


Heart Health Month – Saving $243
Heart Health Panel: $249
CRP, BNP, CMP, Lipid, Homocysteine, and Troponin


National Sleep Awareness Month – Saving $261
Fatigue Panel: $99
TSH, CMP, CBC, Iron & TIBC, Vitamin D, and B12 & Folate


Stress Awareness Month – Saving $41
Cortisol Level :$49


Celiac Disease Awareness Month – Saving $60
Celiac Disease Panel: $199 Endomsial Antibody IGA, Gliadin ABIGA Deamidated, Gliadin IgG Deamidated, Reticylin Antibody IgA, and Tissue Transglutaminase IgA


Men’s Health Month – Saving $828
Deluxe Men’s Hormone Panel: $260
Free and Total Testosterone, AND, DHEA, ESO, ESD, FSH, IGF1, LH, PSA Total, and SHBG


UV Safety Month – Saving $284
Vitamin Deficiency Panel: $149
Iron/TIBC, B12 & Folate, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium


Psoriasis Awareness Month – Saving $132
Arthritis Panel: $79
Uric Acid, ANA, Rheumatoid Factor, and SED Rate


National Cholesterol Education Month – Saving $93
Vap Cardio IQ: $249
CRP, Lipid Panel, Lipoprotein Bata Sub Particle/Peak, LDL Pattern, HDL LG, LDL Sm, LDL Med, Apolipoprotein B, and Lipoprotein A


Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Saving $856
Deluxe Women’s Hormone Panel: $339
Free and Total Testosterone, ESD, FSH, LH, PROG DHEA, AND, ESO, ESI, IGFB, PR, SHBG, and FTES


American Diabetes Month – Saving $94
Diabetes Panel: $99
UA with Micro, CMP, Hemoglobin A1C, and Urine Microalbumin


HIV AIDS Awareness Month – Saving $208
STD Panel: $209
HSV 1 & 2, HIV, Hep B & C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia