Genetic-Based Nutrition Planning

Personalize your diet and exercise plan based on your own DNA. Stop guessing and trying “one size fits all” programs. We use Pathway Genomics to help you understand your personal metabolism and behavior traits, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, get the most benefit from physical activity and exercise, and optimize the nutritional balance of your diet.

Sculpt Pod

A natural approach to whole body weight loss. Change your body without surgery! The Sculpt Pod uses a patented process of the highest form of Infrared Heat, Skin Tightening Cream, Massage + Vibration to slim, tone and tighten your body — all in one session! In addition to weight loss, The Sculpt Pod has also been shown to help with pain relief and reducing inflammation.

Nutrition Counseling

Relatively small dietary changes can significantly improve your overall health, as well as help you on your weight loss journey. Work one-on-one with your Health Coach to develop a plan that works for you.


Personal Training

Your personal trainer will identify the best exercise plan to help you achieve your goals.

IVitamin Drips, Injectables, and Supplements

Want to keep weight off or shed those extra pounds? Add these vitamins to your weight loss regimen to regulate appetite, burn fat, boost metabolism and increase your energy.